The Great Fiji Butterflyfish Count

Based on Scientific Survey Techniques, Butterflyfish will be identified and counted over all the regions of Fiji.

The Count itself will take up 30 minutes of your normal SCUBA dive, Snorkel or Glass-bottom Boat trip with your guide.

During this time, you will have your ‘Great Fiji Butterflyfish Count’ waterproof slate with you to help you identify the Butterflyfish you are seeing.

For each fish of each species you see, you will be asked to make a pencil mark in the relevant box on your slate.


Download Slate here pdf of M2 Magazine


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Scientists will carry out similar timed counts over measured areas 50m long by 5m wide.

Results will be sent back to the Fiji Reef Check and Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network Coordinator for analysis, and reports and a distribution map of Butterflyfish Abundance and Diversity will be placed on this website.