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Sonaisali Island Resort

2008-08-30T06:46:57+12:00August 30th, 2008|

Sonaisali is a true island escape in the beautiful South Pacific Ocean - yet the world you've left behind is only a three-minute boat ride across the lagoon from the main sland of Viti-Levu.  Experience the luxury of privacy on Sonaisali without feeling marooned. Each day the choice is yours - simply unwind and relax [...]


2008-08-19T04:33:52+12:00August 19th, 2008|

Nai’a has been the South Pacific’s premier liveaboard for fifteen years and has earned a loyal following of return passengers including diving raconteur Stan Waterman, IMAX filmmaker Howard Hall, Monterey Bay Aquarium founder Steve Webster, model Lauren Hutton, and esteemed underwater photographer Steven Frink.   Some reefs in Fiji are among the best in the [...]

Navini Island Resort

2014-12-21T16:31:55+12:00August 18th, 2008|

Navini is an island resort situated 10 miles west of Nadi, and in Fiji’s Mamanuca Island. t is a coral atoll approx. 6 acres is size, surrounded by white sand and a fringing coral reef. Having been a marine sanctuary for 18 years, there are many forms of fish and sea life living in the [...]

Treasure Island and Bounty Island Resorts

2014-12-21T16:36:15+12:00August 18th, 2008|

Treasure Island and Bounty Island Resorts offer a haven for couples and families from all over the world. Both islands pristine waters hold an abundance of various species of coral, marine invertebrates and reef fish. The islands are also home to the endangered Banded Rail, Crested Iguanas, and Hawksbill turtles. Both islands have an existing [...]