The Great Fiji Butterflyfish Count

Come and help celebrate Fiji’s magnificent Sharks, Rays and Turtles, have fun and show you care about our world’s delicate coral reefs: join the hunt for the Great Fiji Shark!

In 2012 Fiji is getting serious about Shark Protection!

Across the world it is recognised that sharks are vital to the health and balance of marine ecosystems, yet they are globally overfished and hunted to the brink of extinction. Sharks survived the dinosaurs, but they may not survive mankind unless we take action now!

The Fiji Islands are known all over the world for pristine and wonderful marine environments. All visitors here enjoy our beautiful reefs and waters in one way or another. Where better to form a sanctuary for them, and spread the word about the need to protect and respect these kings of the sea, than Fiji?

Learning about the sharks of Fiji is the first step to this kind of protection. In April 2012, and again in November 2012, people from all over the world will come to Fiji to have fun counting sharks while fishing, diving or snorkelling, and contribute their results to a Fiji -wide Shark Biodiversity project that will be published internationally: The Great Fiji Shark Count.

More information can be found on the website