The Great Fiji Butterflyfish Count

We have done a first analysis to get the results out to you as quickly as we could. The next step will be a more scientific analysis to see what we can make from the patterns that have been seen. As we do this, we will keep you posted on this site – watch this space.

All regions of the Fiji Islands have a high percentage of the Butterflyfish species seen in the country.

Numbers of Butterflyfish were higher than expected all over the country, but especially in the Western and Southern Islands.

There are regional differences, with one Butterflyfish species dominating in the Northern region, another in the West, and different ones on the outer islands (now we have to figure out what that means!)

We are excited to see that Fiji’s Butterflyfish biodiversity is so high, and this reflects the good condition of the reefs across the country. The differences show us that there are different reef types in different regions, and scientists think that this is helping Fiji’s reef resilience and resistance to harmful events, which is good news for the future of our corals.

And best of all…. everyone really enjoyed taking part, lots of awareness was raised and educational opportunities were taken. Thanks to you all, see you next year!

Chinnamma Reddy Chetty
The Great Fiji Butterflyfish Count


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