The Great Fiji Butterflyfish Count

The School of Marine Studies (SMS) assists island countries understand, develop and sustainably use their marine resources.SMS offers a wide range of interesting courses which focuses on the coastal and marine resources of the Pacific Islands and their management.Marine resources have always been essential for the Pacific Islanders.Marine Studies are a priority in the University.

The University of the South Pacific services 12 island countires, made up of thousands of scattered islands, spread over around 40 million square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean.The total area of their Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) is approximately 13.4 million square kilometers.

A class of 60 students will be conducting the butterflyfish survey in Muaivuso from 12-3 on Thursday November 6, as part of the course 

MS306 Coral Reef Ecology and Management

MS306 Coral Reef Ecology and Management

Introduce 3rd year students to the subject of coral reef ecology and the management options for coral reefs. The course has a number of field trips with different topics and objectives.


Edward R. Lovell
School of Marine Studies
University of the South Pacific
PMB, Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji