The Great Fiji Butterflyfish Count

Using the data you have helped gather, we will not only be able to map Butterfly Fish distribution and abundance in Fiji, but because butterfly fish act as significant indicators of reef health, we can use the information to infer patterns of reef health.

The results will be made available to all interested parties:

  • Environmental managers, to develop better management plans for our reef system.
  • The scientific community, to assist them in the implementation of conservation strategies and management measures to improve the health of our reefs.
  • The tourism industry such as the resorts and dive operators, in order to raise awareness and assist them in designing better approaches to
  • wards caring for the marine environment.
  • The general public through this website and various publications such as local newspapers, in-flight magazines, local magazines, posters etc.

A major country report will be compiled and released, to increase general awareness and to illustrate the positive outcome which your participation in The Great Fiji Butterflyfish Count has had on protecting Fiji’s reef system for generations ahead to enjoy.


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