The Great Fiji Butterflyfish Count

Basic Methodology

This is a timed swim count that can be carried out over any reef, using SCUBA or snorkel, at any depth, during recreational activities.

There is no maximum area to be covered but as far as possible survey time should be kept at thirty minutes.

  • Surveys are to be carried out over a thirty (30) minute dive or snorkel
  • Familiarise yourself with the species before carrying out the surveys.
  • Swim / Float slowly to get best results
  • Record numbers of Butterflyfish seen in “ bundles of sticks”
  • If unsure about a particular fish, draw sketches of distinguishing features of the fish on your slate and your field guide will assist you with identification
  • Fill out all parts on the survey slate.
  • You may fill the Site Detail Form after the survey
  • Simple in-field result analysis may be carried out but please send all results to Marine Ecology Consulting.

Optional: For more Scientific Surveys

  • Belt transects of 50m x 5m wide can be carried out over a thirty minute timed snorkel or dive.
Pyramid butterflyfish schooling, Fiji