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Marine Life of Fiji and Tonga: A Video Identification Guide

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Marine Life of Fiji and Tonga: A Video Identification Guide

Created for divers, snorkelers, aquarists and all marine enthusiasts, this "V.I.D" (Video ID) Guide covers the incredible marine biodiversity of this fantastic corner of the South Pacific.

It's an comprehensive identification guide to 1272 animal and plant species -- except that instead of being a book full of pictures, it's a video with gorgeous real-life footage of each species, and each of the 1739 video clips is labeled with the common and scientific names of each species.

Butterflyfish Feeding

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Some Butterflyfish only eat the tentacles of the actual coral animals, and so are totally dependant on good coral health.

Others are less choosy and may feed on other small animals or algae around the reef, or even out in the deeper water.

Butterflyfish Pairing

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Butterflyfish are often seen as the romantics of the reef, as many species are normally found in pairs, and the pairing will last for life.

Paired Racoon Butterflyfish, Fiji

A few species are solitary and normally found alone, while a very few species form large schools.

Butterflyfish Lifestyle

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Bennett's butterflyfish, Fiji

Butterflyfish depend on living coral for shelter and food.

Many species feed directly on living coral polyps, and others on the tiny invertebrates around the corals, or on the tube feet or tentacles of larger invertebrates such as Sea Cucumbers, Starfish, Sea Anemones or Jellyfish.